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About Us

What are we all about?

Our vision:

The vision of Trinity Chiropractic is to empower each individual to balance their mind, body & spirit. Truly, we want each individual we meet to ‘Stop Suffering & Start Living.’ We will accomplish this by…

1: Commitment

We will be committed to Christ, our family, our friends, our community. We will be committed to offering the best services/products at a fair price and creating an atmosphere of trust that will lead to a place of refuge for our staff and patients.

2: Faith

The cornerstone of our business is Christ. This is our passion and with this passion we pray for our families, our friends, our community — that the love of Christ would invade each of our lives.

3: Excellence

We do everything with extraordinary efforts. We go beyond what the patient/client expects or demands. We serve not for monetary benefits but for the pure pleasure of blessing others.

4: Integrity

In all our thoughts, words and actions, we will live congruent lives.

Goals of Care

The recommended treatment (as prescribed by the doctor) is intended to accomplish the following goals:


Reduce initial symptoms / pain reduction


Restore normal movement of joints in the main problematic areas.


Relax the overactive / hyper-tonic muscles and improve coordinated muscle activity


Increase in function. Get you back to doing what you love to do…pain free!


Allow you to be in control of your health

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Bo Bryson earned his undergraduate degree in Biology from Georgia Southern University. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College. Dr. Bryson was a cum laude graduate and received the Clinical Excellence award, the highest honor at graduation. His professional memberships include Nebraska Chiropractic Physician Association, Motion Palpation Institute and Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Bryson is involved in his community by giving public talks and organizing community-health-related challenges.

Dr. Bryson has also served as an adjunct professor for a local college teaching Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology and Diseases of the Human Body.

Google Reviews
Ashlyn Pecena
Ashlyn Pecena
21:03 09 Feb 22
I love Trinity Chiropractic! Their awesome staff are so welcoming and understanding. Dr. Bo is very knowledgeable and... super kind. I always look forward to my appointments!read more
Bob Gevelinger
Bob Gevelinger
14:23 24 Jan 22
I have been a client/patient of Dr. Bo's for about five years. His approach to total wellness and care is amazing. I... have no hesitation referring my friends to Trinity Chiropractic. They love Dr. Bo too! He is such a good man.read more
Christine Cornwell
Christine Cornwell
16:15 10 Jan 22
Dr. Bo is knowledgeable and listens to my concerns. He keeps me moving well and pain free. The whole staff is kind,... attentive, helpful and fun. It's the best place to treat your mind, body and spirit.read more
17:41 30 Nov 21
DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER!! This is the place you want to be, trust me. Its always a pleasure seeing the ladies up front... and Dr.Bo, I have been a client here since 2018 (prenatal adjustments were amazing). MOST IMPORTANTLY the atmosphere is ALWAYS wonderful and you're sure to find a smile on each face, there is positive or Christian music playing but no one is overbearing I asked Dr.Bo to pray for me at one of my most recent appointments for the 1st time, and he didn't flinch or hesitate. I thank God for Trinity Chiropractic, you're more than a client... feels like family.read more
Sarah Wagy
Sarah Wagy
23:55 22 Sep 21
I feel different after the first adjustment. I’m so grateful to have heard about this place. Strongly recommend. Very... no nonsense.read more
Stephen Gildersleeve
Stephen Gildersleeve
14:57 17 Sep 20
Dr. Bo is awesome. His passion for faith, family and fitness really shows just talking with him. It's safe to say he... picked the right career.read more
Joe Neuhaus
Joe Neuhaus
16:32 28 May 20
Dr. Bo cares about health and wellness, and it shows not only in his practice, but in his everyday life. I have had the... pleasure of knowing Dr. Bo and his family for years, and I know how much enjoyment they get from making others’ lives better. I highly recommend Trinity Chiropractic.read more
Levi Rash
Levi Rash
14:44 20 Dec 19
Dr. Bo and his staff are incredibly accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable. My family feels very care for and... comfortable. They are really quick at scheduling or rescheduling as needed. He addresses only what is necessary and doesn't try to sell a bunch of products or make you have extra appointments if not needed. The ease of working with Dr. Bo and his staff is why we definitely recommend it!read more
barbie goody
barbie goody
20:43 18 Dec 19
Dr Bo and staff are very supportive and helpful. They really do care about your health and go above and beyond to help... you feel 100 percent better. Not just for your back pain but for your complete body inside and out. Great place to be a part of.read more
Dorothy Thai
Dorothy Thai
19:41 02 Dec 19
I take my parents here. First I took my mom and now I have my dad coming. I really trust Dr.Bo's expertise since he... always starts off with a detailed explanation to assess the situation and is firm on what we need to do and what he can do to try to help us. He is honest if he feels like he can't help you and that is something that I appreciate very much. So far very good results for the past few months.read more
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Other Testimonials

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“I’m doing great! I slept so well last night and my neck feels awesome, I don’t remember the last time I was able to rotate it without stiffness/pain! Thank you.”

-M. White

“I love Dr Bo!! He has nearly eliminated my back pain and is keeping my in tip top shape through my current pregnancy.”

-E. Collins

“After months of agonizing low back and hip pain during pregnancy, I decided to go to Trinity Chiropractic for help. My doctor (MD) told me to “adjust” to the pain because there was nothing he could do for me during pregnancy. My first visit at Trinity was amazing. They were cheerful and upbeat. They were patient with the insurance problems and thoroughly answered my questions. And, to the surprise of my MD, they were able to relieve my back and hip pain. I continued treatments throughout my third trimester. After my baby was born my hip pain become much more severe. I also developed wrist pain so severe that it hurt to hold my baby. The MD told me he could prescribe medicine. Because I was breastfeeding, I didn’t want to take the pills. Dr. Bryson adjusted my wrist one time and the pain went away. And my hips are much better after being shown specific stretches. I would advise everyone to try chiropractic treatment. I trust Trinity Chiropractic, even if you have been to other offices and not found relief-try this office! It’s worth it! Thanks for your help! Because of you I am a better woman and mom!”

-A. McFarling

“Love Trinity Chiro!!! I have been so pleased with the staff, beyond helpful. They’re in it to help people get better and you feel that the moment you walk in!”

-M. Gottschalk


“Dr. Bo is super intuitive and knowledgeable, I always leave my appointment feeling lighter than when I go in. Not sure how he does that but it’s great.”

-J. Baker


“Dr. Bo, I need to tell you how much I appreciate all you did for me. I often recall you praying for me and it has been on my heart for a long time to tell you how much it meant to me to have you as my chiropractor. I can never thank you enough. I chose to be baptized again about a year and a half ago and have a home church now. My son and his family also go there. I believe you played a part in my choice to grow closer to God, so I thank you for that also. I pray all is well with you and yours. Keep being you because God made you special. Thanks again, for everything. God bless you.”

-H. MacNaughton


“My 5 month old son has mild reflux and has been fussy almost every evening since birth. I brought him in to see Dr. Bo and the night after his first adjustment, my son fell asleep on his own and did not have his normal hour or two of fussiness before bed. He still has a few fussy nights every now and again but I have seen improvement since we have started going to Trinity Chiropractic. Dr. Bo has been very helpful and has told us about some things we can try at home, along with showing us some stretches that will help my son. Not only have we had a great experience with Dr. Bo, I cannot say enough great things about the entire staff! They go above and beyond to help me out each time I am in the office with my kids. Everyone at Trinity Chiropractic is so caring, it makes each visit a wonderful experience! Thank you Dr. Bo for helping my son feel better!”

-J. Scharp


“Being born in a chiropractic office, it would seem I was always destined for chiropractic care. Trinity has been my primary chiropractic care since 2004. Finding Trinity I see now was purely providential. Bo and the staff at Trinity treat you like family. At one point I moved away and was gone a good 3 years but the day I walked back in the door Dr. Bo called me by name and welcomed me back! Maybe you’re a person only seeking physical healing but at Trinity you can find healing mentally, physically and spiritually. One of my first visits ever Dr. Bo listened to me and prayed for me. I wasn’t a Christian at that time but his actions touched my heart because that is true care and deep down we all just need someone to care. (John 13:35) Thank you Trinity!”

-S. Rice


“Acne had always been a struggle for me and after spending hundreds of dollars on dermatologists, prescriptions and as seen on TV products, I was ready to be done with antibiotics and harsh chemicals. Like many others I was under the impression that graduating high school would somehow be the end to my acne. Who gets acne in or after college any way? I quickly learned the answer to that leering question. I did and so do many others. While working at Trinity I expressed my frustrations to Dr. Bo and his wife Jennifer, asking if they had any suggestions for a chemical-free treatment. They quickly recommended a combination of Zinc and Cataplex ACP. Within two weeks of supplementation I began to see improvements in my skin, not only with my acne but also my scars and complexion. Since beginning this treatment my skin has never been better. Not only is my skin more clear, but without wasting my energy on the next “big thing”, I have been able to save a lot of time and money simply by ordering these supplements through Trinity. Working for Dr. Bo gave me a great avenue for sharing my success with this acne treatment to many of the patients. It was exciting to see how much Zinc and Cataplex ACP were able to help many different skin types and complexions. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Bo and Jennifer and would encourage anyone struggling with acne to try this simple acne treatment.”

-A. Swihart


“Last August, I started having pain in my lower left back area. Popping lots of Ibuprofen and began seeing a local chiropractor that I had been going to for years. I saw him 1-3 times per week from the first week in August until Sept. 30, 2011. I would get some temporary relief but was still on lots of pain relievers and had very limited movement. I had voiced my concern several times about the fact that I wasn’t moving forward. He didn’t have any new ideas in regard to treatment or new exercises to do. A friend told me about Dr. Bo and I called the clinic. He spoke to me on the telephone about what he might do to determine what my problem was. I began seeing him the first week in Oct. 2011. He adjusted me and gave me stretches to do and was willing to try something else if I told him something wasn’t working for me. The most I have had to see him was twice a week and weaned myself off of pain relievers while being treated by him. I have been to see Dr. Bo less in 4 months than I saw my former chiropractor in 2 months and with better results. I have already recommended Dr Bo to others and am very grateful to have found his clinic. He is very knowledgeable about the body, how it works together and is willing to explain why he recommends a particular exercise and/or treatment. His style/method of adjusting is different than I am used to, but it sure seems to have worked.”

-T. Whitmey


“I first went to see Dr. Bo a few years ago when I was kind of bent over in a hairpin curve, for lack of a better description. And this was just from bending down to get something out of the clothes dryer one winter morning. After a few visits, I felt better. I went back the next year for the same problem, at about the same time of year. Dr. Bo figured out the problem was part emotional! As in holiday season pains, which I thought was very perceptive. Since then I have gone back when I have an intolerable pain, whether it’s my back or shoulders, and Dr. Bo fixes me right up with a few adjustments in one or two visits. And he always shows me new exercises which work, and which I still use. His newsletter is also conducive to a brighter outlook on my day. There is nothing like feeling well cared for. His office staff, Dr. Bo, and his healing touch and writing all contribute to that feeling. Thanks!”

-P. Handy


“Thanks Dr. Bo for being mindful of much more than my immediate problem or complaint. What’s wrong with this picture? It started when I got a new keyboard tray, with room for a mouse. But my mouse cord is too short so I could not use the tray properly. Why is that a problem? I suddenly realized that I’ve been reaching my right arm across to the left side of the desk to use my mouse – for the last three years! I’ve been seeing Dr. Bo for years and he’s always helped me, but I have had this stubborn chronic right shoulder pain. He always asked me if anything could be causing the shoulder issue. I always said no until now! I told him it hit me like a ton of bricks – my computer set-up is why my shoulder always hurts. It was right in front of me every day but it took a long time to see it! My motto for 2012 is “be mindful” – to pay attention to myself, to other people, and my surroundings. I think it is starting to work!”

-V. Kovar

“I injured my shoulder this past summer. In the weeks that followed, I ran the gamut of traditional fixes. I did the muscle relaxers and the weeks and weeks of physical therapy. The pain continued and I returned to the doctor and got a cortisone shot which, actually, made the pain worse. Upon the recommendation of a friend I tried seeing Bo at Trinity Chiropractic and have never been happier with a decision! I was thrilled that they were able to get me in IMMEDIATELY. With each visit I saw (and felt) significant improvement. The exercises that Bo gave me to do between visits are great and I just fit them into my daily routine. I am so glad that I tried Trinity Chiropractic and recommend it to everyone!! Thank you, Trinity Chiropractic.”

-J. Cejda

“I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a bulging disk for several years now. I was going to a chiropractor who used electric acupuncture and minimal physical adjustments. Recently she wished to do acupuncture that is more aggressive with me and it was not agreeing with me. I was feeling worse. I had read about Dr. Bo in the Lincoln Women’s magazine and was interested in his practice since that time. I decided there was no time like the present to make an appointment. I am taking the Fish Oil he recommended and I noticed a difference as soon as I started the first bottle. I now only have occasional pains, which come and go. I enjoy swimming and am a swim instructor part time in the evenings in addition to my other job. I have been able to increase my laps each week and by the end of the summer, I will be back up to a mile. This has been a goal I have been unable to reach since I was diagnosed with the Fibromyalgia about 6 years ago. I simply did not have the energy to make it. I have also been able to lose one size so far. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and Dr. Bo’s prayers have blessed me during adjustments. I was concerned that his adjustments would be too physically painful, but he is very gentle and just seems to know how my body is doing and what I need as soon as he begins the adjustment. I know the Lord works through him and I pray He continues to bless Dr. Bo and his practice. I enjoy visits to his office, his staff is always kind and friendly and welcoming. Dr. Bo cares about your physical well-being and your spiritual well-being and knows how to help in both areas. Go Dr. Bo!”

-D. Schellhorn

“Two months ago my back pain had become so painful that I started looking for a chiropractor here in Lincoln. Visiting the University’s health center was doing nothing to alleviate my pain. I had friends refer me to two chiropractic practices here in Lincoln, but both places wanted contracts that lasted up to a year, and hundreds of dollars up front. Being a student, I had no insurance that covered chiropractic care, nor that kind of money to pay up front. I ended up searching out my own chiropractor that would work with me according to my situation. Upon finding Trinity Chiropractic, I was thrilled to see that I wasn’t tied down to a contract, and that the rates for those without insurance are very reasonable, even for a student who has a family.

My favorite element of Trinity Chiropractic is Dr. Bo’s willingness to listen. He has a kind and patient demeanor, and is willing to listen to you tell your story. I feel very comfortable with him as his bedside manner is exceptional. After 2 months I feel a hundred times better. Whereas before I was having difficulty walking and had a hard time getting out of bed, I am now able to do some light jogging on a daily basis, as well as hit the weight gym without feeling that my back is straining.

I highly recommend Trinity Chiropractic because of their ability to work with patients in any financial situation, willingness to listen, and superb knowledge and efforts to get your spine back into shape as soon as possible.”

-B. Yergensen

“One of my children has recently been treated by Dr. Bryson for chronic bed wetting. We have tried everything else and I mean everything! Prescriptions, alarms, waking the child to no avail. After only a few treatments, we have gone from 7 wet nights a week to maybe 1 or 2, if that many. This has been a problem from grade school straight into middle school (you know how embarrassing that can be) and we have finally found our solution through treatment at Trinity. Thanks so much!


“I first went to see Dr. Bo in March 2009, upon the recommendation of my family practice physician. I had been struggling with unexplained dizziness for about 8 months and daily headaches for as long as I could remember. I was taking Advil for the headaches daily – sometimes 9-12 pills per day! After going to ENT specialists, a neurologist, a rheumatologist and a couple of family practice doctors, no one had any great explanation for the dizziness. Dr. Bo was recommended as someone who could help. I was initially very wary of going to a chiropractor – I had a crazy fear of the whole neck adjustment – the idea of it really freaked me out! Dr. Bo didn’t laugh at me when I explained this unfounded fear – he totally understood and said I wasn’t the first one to be afraid! So, he took it very slow with me and waited two weeks before doing a neck adjustment on me. I really appreciated that. When it did come time for the neck adjustment, he talked through what he was going to do beforehand, which again, I really appreciated. The actual adjustment was quick and painless and really the only weird part was the cracking sound!! The point is, Dr. Bo made me feel very comfortable and safe. The best part is, I haven’t had a headache for a week now and the dizziness seems to be better, too! In addition, Dr. Bo has inspired me to do better with my eating and to become more physically active. It’s all about taking care of this one and only body we have for optimum health. With Dr. Bo’s help, I am committed to becoming healthier and pain free! Thank you, Dr. Bo, for everything!

-M. Hoile

“I have been a patient at Trinity Chiropractic for 3 months. On my initial visit Dr. Bryson diagnosed me with plantar fascitis. I was experiencing a considerable amount of pain in my feet. The pain was especially in my arches. Also on that initial visit I was greeted by a very professional and friendly staff. Dr. Bryson suggested some arch supports and even found a company on the Internet who sold arches for open-toed sandals as summer was approaching. He began treating my feet and doing back and neck adjustments. Within a few weeks the foot pain was considerably better. After 2 months of care, I hardly ever think about my feet anymore and I can truthfully say that I do not experience pain unless I have an extended day of 10-12 hours on my feet. Thank you to Dr. Bryson and Trinity Chiropractic.

-S. Strop, (Truth, Life & Love Ministry)

“I started coming to Trinity Chiropractic in August of 2016. I was experiencing stabbing pain on my left lower back that would spread to my knee. I could not set and drive for more than a couple minutes without experiencing this stabbing pain. I had been taking Advil any time I was going to be in my car for any thing more than 10 minutes. After a few visits to Trinity Chiropractic I have been and continue to be pain free. Dr Bo has made me feel so much better. A friendly, caring staff has made the treatments a great experience. Dr. Bo is the best Chiropractor I have been to. It’s great to be pain free.

-L. Craig


“I started seeing Dr. Bo in March or April of 2006, for problems with new neck pain and headache, and chronic low back pain. I was diagnosed last fall with a herniated lumbar disc with spinal compression. I have been treated with 3 LESI’s, which are injections of anesthetic and steroid in the space around your spinal column. They would help me tremendously, but would only last for a few weeks and then I was back to where I started. I knew I needed to find another solution, because you are only allowed 5 of these injections in a year, and they are VERY expensive. I had been seeing another chiropractor, but really was not getting any pain relief. And one can only take so many painkillers! A friend of mine, who is also a patient of Doc Bo’s, just raved to me about how wonderful he was, so I figured I had nothing to lose by trying. After my very first visit, I began feeling better. I have been absolutely amazed at my progress! My neck pain is non existent most days, and my back pain (which includes leg and hip pain) is 85-90% better. Many days I have no pain at all. I am so thankful I found Doc Bo, and feel like he has really given me quality of life back. I am a Mom of a 4 year old, and was unable to do many of the things that a Mom needs to do, like pick her up and play, sit on the floor, run, throw a ball. I feel like I can finally be an active full time Mommy again! For that alone, I thank you, Bo. The other wonderful thing about Doc Bo is, he is such a positive personality, and has a way of making you feel like you are his only, his favorite, patient. I am sure he makes each of his clients feel just as special. That is a very special quality. I have been telling everyone I know, that has any type of pain, GO SEE BO!!!! You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!

-C. Murphy

“As a 50-something former athlete and fitness professional, I had grown accustomed to living with aches and pains. My back and neck were in constant pain and I had numbness and tingling sensations radiating into legs, hands and fingers. All the medication I tried seemed to compound my problem and I had resigned myself to the fact that I would live in chronic pain forever. It wasn’t until I experienced a debilitating case of sciatica that I elected to seek chiropractic care. After one visit to Trinity Chiropractic and Dr. Bo Bryson I could feel a difference. The tightness in my back and neck began to dissipate. Dr. Bryson took the time to educate me on what was causing the pain and how we were going to fix it. After only a month of chiropractic treatments, I found I had less pain, slept better, had more flexibility and walked straighter. The results continue to amaze me.

Dr. Bryson is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner. I have appreciated his positive and proactive approach. After several months in Dr. Bryson’s care my aches and pains are gone and I now understand that I don’t have to live that way. I highly recommend Trinity Chiropractic to those who want freedom to live a pain-free life and to know more about their body and wellness resources available to them or to enhance an already healthy body and lifestyle.

-M. Florence

“I’ve been a runner off and on throughout my life, but about two years ago I decided to run a marathon. As I trained, I had a problem with my hip and IT band in my left leg. Apparently this is fairly common for runners, but I thought it was the end of my running days! At Trinity, I learned stretches that got me back on the road running without pain and learned much more about how to prevent the injury from reoccurring. In April, I completed my third marathon–the Boston Marathon, which is a major accomplishment for me since I’m not a natural athlete–and the weekly pre-race visits to Bo were a major factor.

-L. Zumbrunn


“I wanted to say thank you for your care and assistance to get me back to being able to run and continue training. When I hurt my back, I was about 6 weeks away from the Lincoln Half marathon and very concerned about not being able to recover to run. I so appreciated you taking the time to listed and understand the circumstance that caused and led to my back pain and then provided great care, not only in visits, but also suggestions for ongoing workouts. With your assistance, I was able to go from a point of being flat on my back with substantial pain to running again in a couple weeks. Your ability to understand a runner’s routine has been invaluable. The hands-on manipulation in concert with other stretching and core strengthening recommendations has been a fantastic addition to my regular work out routine and I greatly appreciated that added value. Your care provided to me allowed me to comfortably and without pain complete another half marathon. Thank you!

-B. Larrington