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Lincoln TRAIL-A-THON 2020

What is the Lincoln Trail-a-thon? It is not a race. It is not even an event. It is an experience. An experience that will take a year complete. An experience that will help individuals not only explore their city but get healthy while doing it.

The idea came to Aksel and myself after our 45-hour burpee event and while training for the 2019 Lincoln half-marathon. We wondered if it was possible to run all the Lincoln trails in one day. At that time, we had no idea how many miles that would be. So, we looked it up – approximately 78 miles. Because we are slightly crazy and like a good challenge, we figured why not give it a try. However, more rational friends talked sense into us and from that conversation, the Lincoln Trail-a-thon 2020 was given life.

My (Dr. Bo as most call him) goal is for people to be healthy – not only in their body but also in their mind and spirit. Getting outside and exploring Lincoln’s amazing trail system can help do just that! Here is the deal: It does not take much effort to be unhealthy but who wants that. Grab a friend and put intentional effort into 2020. It will be worth it and at the end of the year, you can say you not only gave back to Lincoln, but explored the city and conquered all 78+ miles. Now, that a goal worth going after.

To learn more about the trails & how we supported them, visit Great Plains Trails Network.

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Past Events: Burpee Like BA – April 2019

It was hard. It was rewarding. It was worth it. 52,009 burpees completed. Over $15,000 raised. Countless people being active. A community blessed & strengthened. Thank you to everyone who helped, supported & encouraged.