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Healthy Pregnancy

The Beauty of Pregnancy

We at Trinity Chiropractic love to empower the pregnant woman to have the pregnancy and delivery she chooses and deserves. Pregnancy is not an illness and it is not something you have to “suffer through”. Pregnancy is a joyous time when a woman’s body changes and transforms into a life giving entity.

A woman’s body is made to create life, we want to help you to enjoy your journey to motherhood.

How Dr. Bo Can Help

Dr Bryson is certified in Musculoskeletal pain in pregnancy: Diagnosis, Treatment and Clinical management.

Loosely translated, that means Dr. B0 can help reduce your pain during pregnancy.

Dr. Bryson will give you nutritional advice, exercises and stretches specific to you and your pregnancy. And you can always pick Dr. Bryson’s brain about the “why” of what you might be feeling.

What One Mom Had to Say:

“I first was referred to Dr. Bo by my midwife. I was having terrible leg pain in my 3rd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy. I did not want to take anything for the pain, I just wanted it to go away. Dr. Bo did not tell me that it would take a life time of adjustments to make me better – he educated me. He got to the root of the problem by teaching me proper posture, stretching and the proper seat position for my car (As I was commuting 2 hours a day). After three appointments, he relieved my pain, taught me how to reduce the pain by stretching and even gave some tips to my husband on how to help me relieve the leg pain.

After months of agonizing low back and hip pain during pregnancy, I decided to go to Trinity Chiropractic for help. My doctor (MD) told me to “adjust” to the pain because there was nothing he could do for me during pregnancy. My first visit at Trinity was amazing. They were cheerful and upbeat. They were patient with the insurance problems and thoroughly answered my questions. And, to the surprise of my MD, they were able to relieve my back and hip pain.

I continued treatments throughout my third trimester. After my baby was born my hip pain become much more severe. I also developed wrist pain so severe that it hurt to hold my baby. The MD told me he could prescribe medicine. Because I was breastfeeding, I didn’t want to take the pills. Dr. Bryson adjusted my wrist one time and the pain went away. And my hips are much better after being shown specific stretches. I would advise everyone to try chiropractic treatment. I trust Trinity Chiropractic, even if you have been to other offices and not found relief-try this office! It’s worth it!

Thanks for your help! Because of you I am a better woman and mom!”

-M. Fehlhafer

The Importance of Nutrition

Furthermore, did you know that many pregnancy related conditions and in utero problems can be prevented through good nutrition? Do you want to have more energy, less swelling, better digestion, better sleep and less weight gain during your pregnancy? Good nutrition can help. Good eating habits also lead to a healthy baby and a more positive birth experience.

Below is a recommended daily nutritional guide for pregnancy:

2 Eggs

3-4 protein servings – meats, nuts, legumes

2 milk or milk products — cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese

3 carbohydrate servings — whole grain breads & pastas

2-3 fruit — 1 citrus at least (fresh is best!)

4-5 veggies — leafy greens and other – add color (fresh is best!)

4 cups raspberry leaf tea (great for uterine health)